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Protecting Your License And Rights After A DUI Arrest

Individuals who are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Ohio can face multiple penalties. They can lose their driver’s licenses, go to jail or be charged large fines. After two or more DUI convictions, individuals may be forced to put yellow license plates on their vehicles, marking the drivers as DUI offenders.

When individuals contact our firm – Harvey B. Bruner Co., L.P.A. – we can help ensure that their rights are protected at every step of the process. For an arrest to be valid, the arresting officers must have performed every step of the arrest correctly. That doesn’t always happen, and we work aggressively to expose officers who fail to do so.

Did The Police Make Mistakes?

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the facts of every case, asking critical questions such as:

  • Did the police officer have sufficient reason to stop the vehicle?
  • Did the police officer have a valid reason to ask the driver to step out of the vehicle to perform roadside tests (also called field sobriety tests)?
  • Did the police officer properly administer the roadside tests?
  • Did the police officer properly score the tests?
  • Did the police officer make a valid arrest?
  • If the arrested individual took a breath test, was that machine properly calibrated?

If there is a problem with any of the things mentioned above, we file a motion to suppress the evidence to have it excluded from use in court. In other cases, we pursue avenues to lessen the potential penalties. For example, if an individual is willing to proactively take drug or alcohol treatment classes, it could help his or her case when appearing in court.

Prevent The Long-Term Consequences Of An OVI

Many people don’t realize the serious and long-term ramifications that a DUI or OVI arrest can have on their lives. For example, a DUI conviction can prevent an individual from entering Canada, which could cause problems for an individual who needs to travel routinely for work.

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We can help protect your record and your rights. Learn more about the representation an experienced and aggressive attorney can offer by scheduling your free initial consultation. Call our Cleveland office at 216-566-9477, or use our online form