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Facing Human Trafficking Charges?

For many people, few things are more frightening than being accused of a sex crime, especially a sex crime involving a child. Even if the individual is never convicted, there is a stigma with alleged sexual predators, and the accusations can be embarrassing.

At the law office of Harvey B. Bruner Co., L.P.A., we know this can be a scary and lonely time, and we are here to help protect your rights. Our attorney fights aggressively to protect the rights of individuals in Cleveland and throughout Ohio who are facing charges involving:

  • Human trafficking
  • Sex crimes against children
  • Internet crimes against children

Caught By A Sting Operation?

Police officers routinely create sting operations to catch individuals they believe are sex offenders. When individuals are arrested on suspicion of solicitation after a sting operation, it’s critical to examine every element of the arrest and the operation.

Did the alleged offender actually make an offer or did the arresting officer make an arrest too early? In some cases, undercover officers encourage or entice individuals to do things they might not have done otherwise.

When we defend clients, we look for ways to reduce the charges. For example, in many cases, clients who proactively go to sex counseling may be able to avoid a solicitation conviction.

Contact Us For Help

If you were arrested on suspicion of soliciting a minor online, we can help protect your criminal record and your reputation. We know what’s at stake, and our lawyer fights aggressively to help our clients obtain the best outcomes.

Contact our Cleveland office to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 216-566-9477.